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HUAWEI Assistant ∙ TODAY Showcase at Web Summit Reveals Content Partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica

December 4, 2020

Web Summit, an emerging technology conference in Europe, was held from December 2-4, 2020. The event featured the release of the HUAWEI Assistant ∙ TODAY, and the unveiling of a content partnership between the new service and the acclaimed Encyclopedia Britannica publication. Encyclopedia Britannica services will be first made available to Huawei users in West Europe, enhancing the growing HMS ecosystem with a vast store of quality historical content.


Swipe Right for Historical Events on This Day


Encyclopedia Britannica was compiled by a team of renowned scholars and experts (including Nobel Prize winners), and provides in-depth knowledge on a range of important topics, with enriching descriptions of important historical figures, events, and phenomena. The encyclopedia has come to be regarded as an indispensable source of reference in the academic world.


"On This Day" is one of the most popular sections in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which showcases important events that occurred on the same date throughout history. The encyclopedia’s partnership with HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY, ensures that its premium content can be accessed with greater ease — through the "On this day" ability. Users with interest in history and culture can subscribe to this ability via HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY, and be rewarded with riveting historical knowledge on a daily basis.

Encyclopedia Britannica Partners with HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY on a New Digital Content Paradigm


The collaboration with Encyclopedia Britannica has significantly enhanced the educational value of HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY, by providing key knowledge to users in a highly captivating way. The "On this day" ability offers direct access to premium content, enabling Huawei users to indulge their interests in history and culture.


The digital presentation of Encyclopedia Britannica owes its success to technical support from HUAWEI Ability Gallery, which is the main point of access and distribution platform for HMS Connect, facilitating one-time access and multi-channel distribution. The timing of the partnership is key, as it infuses HUAWEI Ability Gallery with a vast array of enriching content, demonstrating the service’s newfound reach and influence, while also providing Encyclopedia Britannica with a massive new reader base.


With the invaluable support of premium content providers like Encyclopedia Britannica, HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY has been able to bolster the burgeoning HMS ecosystem with premium services that users crave, a trend that will only accelerate as HMS continues to expand its global presence.