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Partnership Between Huawei and University of Bergamo

June 14, 2022

On May 4 this year, Huawei collaborated with University of Bergamo. Huawei talked about HMS Core 6.0 and how to develop an app with HMS Core Kits – introducing the most common kits and more specifically how to recognize the text using the smartphone camera.


Computer science Prof. Marco Luigi Della Vedova and the Cloud and Mobile Development Prof. Giuseppe Psaila were kind enough to let us have our sessions during their lessons. We had a dedicated session lasting 2 hours, which was divided into 2 presentations about Huawei technologies.


Francesco Stranieri, leader of the developer technical support engineer (DTSE) team in Huawei Italy, was the speaker for the session, with 50+ students attended (30+ online and 20+ offline).


The session was structured as follows:

(1) HMS Core 6.0 + Demo ML Kit with Text Recognition feature

    ● What is Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)

    ● What is new in HMS Core 6.0

    ● Open source demo for Android, where text was recognized through the camera of our smartphone, and was transformed from physical to digital.

    ● Demo developed in Kotlin, with Jetpack Compose and CameraX together with one of the features of ML Kit: Text Recognition.

Presentation title: What's new in HMS Core 6.0 and a tasty bite of Machine Learning


(2) Imagine to develop an app together through services

   ● Monitor analytics and crashes in our app

   ● How to log in to our app via the Huawei ID

   ● Show and manage maps + geolocation in our app

   ● How to send push notifications to our app

   ● How to monetize with apps: Ads and In-App Purchases

   ● What if the app is a game? How to introduce game services, such as trophies and leaderboards

Presentation title: Let's develop an app together through services