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Cooperation Between Huawei and the Politecnico di Milano

April 20, 2022

At Huawei, we have cooperated with the Politecnico di Milano to create a 6-hour course focusing on the development of mobile apps with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).


Thanks to the help of the dean professor Antonio Capone ( and of professor Luciano Baresi (, the course "How to develop mobile apps: the Huawei way" was part of the initiative at the Politecnico called "Passion in Action", whose goal is to provide students additional opportunities to widen their knowledge.


The course was organized in 3 sessions, which started in December 2021 and concluded in February 2022, with a two-hour session each month. Francesco Stranieri, leader of the developer technical support engineer (DTSE) team in Huawei Italy, acted as instructor, and multiple students attended his presentations.


The sessions were structured as follows:


1) HMS Core 6.0 + Demo ML Kit (December 20, 2021)

● What is Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) • What is new in HMS Core 6.0

● Open source demo for Android, where text was recognized through the camera of our smartphone, and was transformed from physical to digital.

● Demo developed in Kotlin, with Jetpack Compose and CameraX together with one of the features of ML Kit: Text Recognition.

2) Deep dive in Machine Learning with ML Kit (24/01/2022)

● How to digitize the text of a document (sheet/form/credit card/identity document) through the camera

● How to automatically translate a text in real time

● How to make our app speak a text

● How to convert spoken dialogue into text

● How to recognize, classify and segment an object through the camera

● How to recognize and identify facial features and hands (including movements)

● Creation of custom models for object recognition

3) We developed an app together through services (02/21/2022)

● Monitor analytics and crashes in our app

● How to log in to our app via the Huawei ID

● Show and manage maps + geolocation in our app

● How to send push notifications to our app

● How to monetize with apps: Ads and In-App Purchases

● What if the app is a game? How to introduce game services, such as trophies and leaderboards