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Share Engine

Share Engine allows for high-speed file transfers between phones, PCs, and other devices by using Bluetooth to discover nearby devices and authenticate connections, and then setting up peer-to-peer Wi-Fi channels. File transfer speeds can be up to 80 MB/s when the device and environment permit it.
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  • Android

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Huawei Phone Apps
Huawei Phone Apps

Learn how to integrate Share Engine for Huawei phone apps.

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Android Devices
Android Devices

Learn how to integrate Share Engine for Android devices.

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Linux Devices
Linux Devices

Learn how to integrate Share Engine for Linux devices.

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Secure connection
Authenticates connections using in-house developed password authenticated key exchange (PAKE) technology.
Quick discovery
Quickly discovers nearby devices using in-house bidirectional device discovery technology, without sacrificing the battery or security.
High-speed transfer
Delivers file transfer speeds over 80 Mbps even with third-party devices given optimal conditions.
Heightened development
Improves development efficiency, by presenting high-tech capabilities sealed in a managable kit with three packages and four main applications.


Development Guide

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