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Access Methods

Developers develop service or content APIs according to HUAWEI interface specifications. Services will be displayed in a card.

Developers design and develop service cards and corresponding redirection logic. Services will be displayed in a card.

Developers develop deep links for services or content within the app. Services will be displayed in an icon.

Touch Points

Interact naturally with HUAWEI Ability Gallery by text or sight to activate it, and access targeted services, including cards and icons.

Touch Points

HUAWEI Ability Gallery is a comprehensive service distribution platform managed by Huawei, with streamlined distribution channels that are suitable for any app under development.


Lower Integration Costs
One-time development for multi-scenario distribution, with lower costs and higher traffic.
Expand Market Reach
A premium consumer experience integrated with greater brand exposure.
Improve Conversion Rate
AI service distribution based on chip-device-cloud technology for higher traffic and conversion rates.

Partnership Cases

Sports Events
Sports Events

Providing users with updates and live streams from sporting events through HUAWEI Assistant.


Providing users with photo recognition capabilities.

East Money
East Money

Providing real time stock market data and analysis.

Technical Support

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Business Cooperation

If you want to cooperate with us on open capability access, software, joint game operations, paid app promotion, or anything else, click the link below.

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