Access Methods
  • Content Ability

    Developers develop service/content API according to HUAWEI interface specification. Service will be displayed in a card.

  • Card Ability

    Developers design and develop service cards and corresponding redirection logic. Service will be displayed in a card.

  • APP Ability

    Developers develop deeplink for services/content within App. Service will be displayed in an icon.

Touch Points

HUAWEI Assistant

Interact naturally with the HUAWEI Ability Gallery

by text or sight to activate it, and access targeted

services, including cards and icons.


Through HiVision, users can scan food items

for instant calorie counts, and access instant shopping

and translation, as well as other targeted services.

HUAWEI Ability Gallery is a comprehensive service distribution platform managed by Huawei, with streamlined distribution channels that are suitable for any app under development.

Service overview
Our Strengths

Lower Integration Cost

One-time development for multiple-scenario distribution, with lower costs and higher traffic.

Expand Market Reach

A premium consumer experience integrated with greater brand exposure.

Improve Conversion Rate

AI service distribution based on chip-device-cloud technology, for traffic and higher conversion rates.

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