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Accelerating the time to market and app monetization

The AppTouch platform is an important part of HUAWEI HMS Core. It incorporates digital content and channel resources globally, and provides carriers with end-to-end ecosystem solutions and services ranging from platform, content, channel, and operations through cloud-based deployment to help carriers grow their businesses and improve their brands.
The purpose of AppTouch is to provide more market opportunities and business models to global developers and distributors by establishing partnerships with global carriers and other channel resources.
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Content Management
After uploading your content to HUAWEI Developer, provide the copyright certificate and disclaimer by email.
The copyright certificate and disclaimer must be signed and sealed. They must contain the identical information that was submitted on HUAWEI Developer.
The data to be checked includes basic information, download and installation, anti-virus security, external links, language interface, etc.
The content you release must be in accordance with local laws and regulations.

In-depth and win-win cooperation

AppTouch Joint Operations

This business model helps developers expand their promotion channels, grow their businesses, develop their user base, and improve revenue.

Club-Based Joint Operations

This model is only available to qualified partners. Partners can expand their presence in local and international channels to promote club service subscriptions.

App-Based Joint Operations

This model leverages local and global channels to promote partner content, and drive more downloads and paid subscriptions.

Game-Based Joint Operations

This model features Huawei-facilitated collaboration with local and global channels, to launch and promote select games with in-app purchases.

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