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Camera Engine

Camera Engine

HUAWEI Camera Engine provides a set of advanced programming APIs for you to integrate powerful image processing capabilities of Huawei phone cameras into your apps. Camera features such as wide aperture, Portrait mode, HDR, background blur, and Super Night mode can help your users shoot stunning images and vivid videos anytime and anywhere.
Supported on
  • Android

Service Scenarios

Improves the quality of images taken at night and in low-light conditions by using super long exposure and multi-frame composite.

Provides previews and blurs the background to highlight the object.

Blends several exposures of the same subject to make it stand out and bring out details in shadows.

Lets users apply beauty, lighting, and blur effects to photos for taking stunning portraits.

Presets the AI color, background blur, vintage, suspense, and fresh effects for users to select the perfect mood and record their own movies.

Improves photos taken in backlit environments at the hardware level, and supports real-time previews and video recording.

Gives users full control over settings such as the ISO, AE, AF, AWB, and color temperature.

Records slow-mo video at 60 fps, 120 fps, 480 fps, and 960 fps.

Automatically sets camera settings for 30 scenarios and provides AI-enhanced previews.

Our Strengths

Innovate your apps and improve user experience.Combines the powerful photography features of Huawei phones into Camera Engine for you to easily integrate advanced image processing capabilities.
Provides your apps with the same photographying capabilities as those of Huawei phone cameras.
Offers an SDK with preset camera modes to integrate into your IDE.
Fully compatible with EMUI 10.0 and supports Android and Huawei operating systems.
Our Strengths Our Strengths

Integration Guide

Register and get verified
Sign the agreement
Download the SDK
Prepare and set up the environment
HUAWEI Camera Engine Download Center HUAWEI Camera Engine Download Center HUAWEI Camera Engine Download Center

HUAWEI Camera Engine Download Center

To leverage more functions of HUAWEI Camera Engine, you need to call the APIs provided by the Camera Engine SDK. 'br' Android Studio version 3.0.1 or later is recommended. The mobile phones must be equipped with Kirin 980 or later and EMUI 10.0 or later. The following models are currently supported: Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, Mate 20 X, Honor V20, P30, and P30 Pro. More models will be supported in the future.


What are the resolutions supported by YUV data streams?
The YUV data streams support the same resolutions as the preview resolutions.
How do I know which aperture f-numbers are supported?
The supported f-numbers are discrete values. You can use the query method to obtain all supported f-numbers.
How do I configure the surface for the video recording mode?
At least one preview surface and one recording surface must be configured when the recording mode is configured.

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