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Provides an analysis-based overview for your app, covering key metrics such as impressions, new downloads, and in-app purchases.

Analyzes app distribution and usage data to evaluate how well your app is attracting and retaining users.

Details the financial status of your app, covering its global revenue, purchaser count, and conversion rate, and collects push message statistics to evaluate how effectively your app is being promoted.

Accesses failed installation, crash, and ANR statistics for your app, for a quick resolution to all issues.


Benchmarks your key conversion metrics against industry averages for similar apps, giving you the tools to optimize your product.
Advice for further optimization
Offers tangible suggestions, based on solid data, to help you achieve better results.
Funnel analysis
Uses step-by-step funnels to analyze user behavior, for instance, the installation conversion funnel and user win-back activity funnel, helping you evaluate how effectively your app converts users.
Advantages Advantages

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