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Targeted operations

Manages pricing and languages of in-app products for global users.

Manages user comments by model, region, app version, and other characteristics, allowing you to search for, reply to, or export specific user comments for product optimizations.

Promotes app downloads by offering high-visibility user incentives that cross borders.

Constructs basic game functions at minimal cost, such as achievements and leaderboards, allowing players to interact with greater ease, and utilizing data-based analysis to continually improve the gaming experience.


Strong analytical foundation
Provides functions tailored for each phase under the Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral (AARRR) model.
Wide-ranging promotional resources
Bolsters your app a leg up for increasing user conversion rates with AppGallery's wide-ranging promotion resources.
Comprehensive operations
Assists you with every facet of operations, including content, activities, user management, and more.
Intelligent data analysis
Analyzes user behavior to help you pursue better and more informed operations.
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Technical Support

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Business Cooperation

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