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Scaled down O&M

Allocates and scales resources, deploys code, and balances load for your functions and keeps them available constantly so you only need to write and upload your code.

Simplified development and fast rollout

Deploys service code for modules you developed using functions, making your services available to users at the earliest possible opportunity, without requiring backend server management.

Coordination with other services

Interacts with other services, such as Cloud DB and Cloud Storage, ensuring that they can trigger function execution, and that functions can use the Server SDK to operate services.

Soaring efficiency
Assumes control over all backend management and maintenance work, allowing you to focus on building services.
Stable, reliable operations
Adopts the HUAWEI CLOUD active-active architecture to ensure reliable function execution.
Cost-effective solution
Scales function instances to account for real-time service traffic, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.


Development Guide

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Sample Code

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