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Early access application

Provide information, such as the access period and distribution countries/regions, and upload a package to initiate early access.

Review period

AppGallery reviewers test out your game's access parameters, sign-in and payment experience, and other attributes.

Availability for early access

Once approved, your game is placed in the early access zone on AppGallery, and available for users to download and experience for themselves.

Game removal & early access rating results

Your game will be removed either when the early access period expires, or the number of active users has reached the upper limit, after which you'll be able to reference its early access score and rating. If you have initiated multiple rounds of early access, the score and rating may change over time.

Access to early access data, for version optimization purposes
Provides a diverse range of early access data for reference, making version optimizations easier than ever.
Abundant promotional resources
Displays your game in the exclusive early access area, with enriching resources for games with high early access ratings.
Easy operations
Empowers you to include multiple countries or regions into the distribution area with one single application and allows for multiple applications for a same app version.
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