[Watch Face Designathon APAC 2022] Terms and Conditions

[Watch Face Designathon APAC 2022] Terms and Conditions

August 29, 2022

Huawei Mobile Services [Watch Face Designathon APAC 2022] is arranged and sponsored by Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, a Limited Liability Company established in Hong Kong (hereafter “Huawei Services HK” or “Huawei”).

Duration: [Watch Face Designathon APAC 2022] campaign period is from 03:00PM August 22nd to Nov 3rd 2022, 11:59PM (UTC+8).




Prize Money (USD)

Outstanding Award



Excellence Award



Distinguished Design Award



New Huawei Designer Award



Participation Award*


HUAWEI Band 6* and Certificate of Participation

*For first 60 participants who successfully registered for the contest and published their work(s) on the HUAWEI Themes platform.


This Campaign is open for all Huawei ID users who registered in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, the above prizes will be awarded to winners according to the following rules: 




This Campaign is open for all designers above 18 years of age in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. If the participant does not reside in the countries stated, their entry will not be considered.

Designs submitted past the deadline will not be considered. To be considered for any of the Awards, the submitted artwork file should adhere to the technical specifications, and be compatible with Huawei Watch 3. Winners and their awarded points will be announced on via email, Huawei HMS Facebook page as well as at the Huawei Developer Day (HDD) event. The above prizes will be awarded to the participants according to the following rules: 

How to Register for the Contest: 

  1. Participants should register for a HUAWEI ID.
  2. Participants should register for a HUAWEI Developer ID using their HUAWEI ID.

More information on how to register for HUAWEI Developer ID here.

  1. Participants should register on the contest website before 18th September 2022 11:59PM (UTC +8).
  2. Upon successful registration, participants should download HUAWEI ThemeStudio.




How to Submit Artwork:


  1. Participants can start brainstorming and designing their Watch Face on Photoshop/ any design related software(s) from Registration period until Training Workshop period.
  2. Participants will attend Training Workshop on 20th September 2022.
  3. Participants must utilize HUAWEI ThemeStudio to ensure their Watch Face design elements are functional and export their design artworks. More information on how to use HUAWEI ThemeStudio here.
  4. Participants are required to upload (1) at least one .hwt file exported from HUAWEI ThemeStudio, (2) an mp4/JPEG format of their work, and (3) one slider rationale with their Developer and Submission ID to their Developer account here.



Work Submission Requirements for Huawei Watch 3 Series:



Training Workshop:


The Training Workshop will be remotely conducted by representatives from Huawei on 20th September 2022. The link to this remote Training Workshop will be provided to Participants who have successfully registered for this Contest. Participants will be briefed on the competition and submission specification and requirements, learn design tips and tricks, and learn how to export their designs using HUAWEI ThemeStudio during the workshop.


Review and Judging Criteria:

Successful submission criteria are based on the following:

  1. Designs will be selected based on HUAWEI Themes guidelines and subject to approval on HUAWEI Themes. Culturally sensitive (e.g. Religion, race, gender sensitive, politically sensitive), offensive and inappropriate content will not be considered for this Contest even if all other criteria are met.
  2. ALL designs are submitted with the correct technical specifications for HUAWEI Watch 3 (466px x 466px) and of high quality and standard.


  1. A panel of judges comprising of Huawei Design Experts, Free Fire, and our invited artists from Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines, will review all the entries based on the following judging criteria (see in the table). Design artworks with the highest score will be crowned the Outstanding Award. The point award system is stated below:





Originality and Creativity

•       Adopts a novel approach that represents an enhancement of the watch’s basic features.

•       Displays a variety of well-integrated ideas and has an elaboration to details.



•       Completeness: Functions of the design are completed and do not feel like a prototype.

•       User Experience: Design should align with its purpose and runs smoothly without error.

•       Usability: Well-designed interface with clear and easy to understand user journey.


Aesthetic Value

•       Visual design should be aesthetically pleasing with content, integrity (i.e. use of colours/fonts), and harmony of elements.


Animation Inclusion

•       Design is more complex, technical, and is dynamic and/or interactive with moving elements that surprise and delight.


Total Points


*Bonus Points for Multiple Submissions


2 entries = 10 bonus points

3 entries and above = 5 bonus points per entry


  1. Bonus points will be divided equally amongst the number of additional There is no maximum number of submission for each participant. (i.e. Van submitted 2 entries, she is entitled to 10 total bonus points (5 bonus points per entry). Each entry she subsequently submits now has an additional 5 points.)
  2. The judging committee will select up to one (1) winner for the Outstanding Award, one (1) winner for the Excellence Award, one (1) winner for the Distinguished Design Award, and three (3) winners for the Huawei New Designer Award among all qualifying participants. The final number of winners for all award and prizes depend on the quality of artwork submitted and the number of submissions. In the event where there are not enough quality submissions, Huawei reserves the right to not select any winners. The result is final and cannot be disputed.
  3. All Outstanding, Excellence, Distinguished Design and Huawei New Designer Award winners will be required to ensure that their uploaded Watch Face designs are FULLY published before they will be considered for the award. Failure to ensure that design is published successfully will disqualify them from receiving the award. The result is final and cannot be disputed.
  4. Up to Sixty (60) participants will receive the Participation Award if they registered for the contest and have their designs successfully uploaded and published with Huawei via the Developer Platform. Participation Awards are limited and available while stocks last on a first registration first awarded basis. In the event where there are not enough quality participations, HUAWEI reserves the right to not select any winners. The result is final and cannot be disputed.
  5. All Participation Award winners will be required to ensure that their uploaded Watch Face designs are FULLY published before they will receive their award. Failure to ensure that design is published successfully will disqualify them from receiving the award. The result is final and cannot be disputed.
  6. By submitting designs, participants are allowing Huawei the rights to use their designs in any future promotional, marketing and/or publicity materials online and/or offline, launches, events and campaigns. Designers will be acknowledged in these, where possible.
  7. All participants will allow Huawei to use their submitted design if/when chosen for the ongoing and or existing campaigns and/or future campaign, events and/or launches. The winners will be requested to produce the design to be compatible with other watch and phone models if and when necessary. (Not limited to HUAWEI Band 6, HUAWEI Watch Fit, HUAWEI GT1 (42mm & 46mm), HUAWEI GT2 (42mm & 46mm), HUAWEI GT3 (42mm & 46mm), HUAWEI Watch 3, EMUI 9, 10, 11 and 12).
  8. Participation Award will only be distributed within 90 – 120 working days upon the conclusion of campaign. All winners will be contacted by email and are required to provide the following information within seven (7) days from the date of the email, for verification and prize redemption purposes:
    1. Full Name
    2. Email
    3. Contact Number
    4. Residential address (for participants residing outside Singapore)
  9. Huawei will publish the winners’ HUAWEI ID on the relevant campaign page in the following format, e.g. muham****1234@gmail.com


All prizes are not transferable, not assignable and not redeemable for cash.


All in-kind prizes are subject to availability and on a while stock last basis. Huawei Services HK reserves the right to substitute any Prizes with prizes of similar value with prior notification at its sole and absolute discretion.


All winners shall accept Prizes as they are. All in-kind prize(s) are Huawei standard products, and shall entitled to standard warranty services. Huawei Services HK makes no representation, warranty or undertaking as to any implied terms and conditions with respect to the Prizes in this Campaign.


Huawei Services HK assumes no liability or responsibility in respect to defect or deficiency of the Prizes or the nature/consumption of the prizes and will not entertain any direct correspondence with anyone in this regard.


By participating in this Campaign, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Any imposition of taxes, fees, and any other costs associated with the acceptance and use of the Prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. 

Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this activity can be directed to our Care Center, contact details are as follows:

Email: hmscontent@huawei.com 

Participants must be 18 years or above to claim a Prize. Minors should have their parent or guardian enter on their behalf. Entry is open to residents of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Employees of Huawei Services HK or Huawei group, their immediate families, Huawei’s Advertising, Creative and Public Relations agencies, program organizer, their employees and immediate families are not eligible to participate in this Campaign.

Void where prohibited.

Winner selection and publication is final and at the sole discretion of Huawei Services HK.

Huawei Services HK processes and uses any personal data as provided by the participant for the purpose of participation in this Campaign in line with the local applicable laws and the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (“PDPO”). The data shall be processed for lawful purposes directly related to the running of this Campaign including but not limited to any administrative matters to facilitate the management and organizing of this Campaign as well as delivering the prize to the winner. Any personal data provided is retained no longer than 12 months after the Campaign.

This Campaign and the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. Huawei Services HK reserves all the rights to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions of this Campaign from time to time, and the latest version of the Terms and Conditions is available at https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/activity/digixActivity/digixdetail/301660805481166938. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, in no event shall Huawei Services HK be held liable in whatsoever manner arising from, in connection with or relating to the Campaign.

Please be advised that all materials posted on site are subjected to public downloading and viewing of third party viewers. All intellectual property rights contained in the apps, theme(s), etc for the purpose of this Campaign shall be owned by Huawei Services HK.