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Ads Kit

Ads Kit

For high-quality and personalized ads on your app, the Publisher Service and unique advertising identifiers help you work seamlessly with third-party advertising and tracking platforms while protecting user privacy. Join our open and regulation-compliant ad ecosystem to earn more from your app in a faster and safer way.
Supported on
  • Android
  • HarmonyOS
  • Web


Publisher Serviceicon_arrow
Provides the Publisher Service for you to obtain high-quality ad content and quickly grow your business based on Huawei's device capabilities and integrated resources.
Advertising identifiersicon_arrow
Uses Open Advertising Identifier (OAID), a non-permanent device identifier to personalize ads for your users while protecting their privacy, and provide a basis for third-party tracking platforms to perform conversion attribution for advertisers. Advertisers can integrate Huawei's open APIs to obtain install referrers, analyze app promotion channels, and accurately measure conversions from the channels.

Service Scenarios

Provides a one-stop platform for developers to earn revenue.

Enables ad platforms to serve up ads personalized for users.

Lets third-party platforms and advertisers optimize their campaigns using install referrers.


High revenue
Monetizes your apps with high fill rates and highly competitive eCPM by leveraging Huawei's competitive revenue sharing ratio (80% for developers in 2021), incentive policies, and large, valuable advertiser base.
Rich ad formats
Meets display requirements for most scenarios and provides a unified UI design to achieve consistent experience across different Huawei devices.
Easy installation
Enables installations from performance-based ads in just one tap, providing uninterrupted user experience without redirects away from your app.
Comprehensive service system
Provides customer service with quick responses, visualized data reports, regulation-compliant assurance, and professional content quality reviews.
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Development Guide

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API Reference

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