Audio Editor Kit

Audio Editor Kit Audio Editor Kit Audio Editor Kit

Audio Editor Kit

Bolster your app with powerful audio editing functions like voice changer, noise reduction, audio source separation, spatial audio, and AI dubbing, to generate speech, songs, and BGM, with little effort.
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  • Android
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Audio editing

Delivers a broad array of audio editing functions, including fade-in/out, splitting, tempo/pitch adjustments, format conversion, and audio extraction.

Noise reduction

Minimizes quasi-steady-state noise and sudden loud sounds.

Voice changer

Alters and even distorts voices, in line with user preferences.

Audio effects

Offers diverse music genres and sound fields, as well as scene and equalizer effects.

Audio material library

Provides a vast number of audio effects and music loops that can be broadly applied.

Audio source separation

Isolates voices from musical instrument sounds, and turns them into separate audio tracks.

AI dubbing

Converts text into emotionally expressive speech, with default and custom timbres.

Adjustable spatial audio

Naturally specifies the positions of different audio tracks in 3D space, in either a static or dynamic way.

Service Scenarios

Social media & entertainment
Social media & entertainment

Delivers real-time audio processing functions like voice changer, voice improvement, and noise reduction.

Audio/Video editing
Audio/Video editing

Places abundant audio effects and materials at your disposal.

Audio content creation
Audio content creation

Generates a myriad of audio content, from speech to instrumental music to vocal tracks.

Audio processing
Audio processing

Processes real-time audio with low latency.


Seamless efficiency
Completes audio processing in little time.
Flexible integration
Supports processing audio via open UI, streaming, and file APIs.
Global reach
Supports 70+ languages, helping you serve a global user base.
Streamlined access
Reduces integration to just a few simple steps.


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