AV Pipeline Kit

AV Pipeline Kit AV Pipeline Kit AV Pipeline Kit

AV Pipeline Kit

This service provides a framework for multimedia development, bolstered by a wealth of cross-platform, high-performing multimedia processing capabilities. It tailors your app to meet a wide range of needs, thanks to customized plugins and pipeline orchestration, while streamlining the development of multimedia services across the board.
Supported on
  • Android
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Audio/Video playback

Offers basic audio and video playback capabilities, as well as intelligent media processing and analysis capabilities, such as video super-resolution and sound event detection.

Media asset management

Makes it easy to extract information from media files, while also supporting media streaming management and buffer reading.

Audio/Video editing (to be released)

Offers intelligent analysis and processing capabilities for video editing.

Custom plugins

Provides standard plugin APIs, which can be used to encapsulate your app's plugins, as well as a framework for automatically loading the plugins.

Custom pipeline orchestration

Allows you to customize the pipeline orchestration of audio/video processing using the configuration file.

Predefined plugins

Video super-resolution plugin, to achieve enhanced video playback; sound event detection plugin, to detect audio's sound events in real time.


Effortless customization
Allows you to customize algorithms and facilitate pipeline orchestration for audio/video processing via configuration files.
Seamless efficiency
Provides simple APIs, plugins for new algorithms, and framework that can be easily tailored to address different needs.
Soaring performance
Offers efficient data scheduling capabilities and hardware platform detection technologies to implement low-power, high-performance algorithms, for enhanced energy efficiency on the Kirin platform.


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