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FIDO is key to optimizing both security and convenience. Offer your users local biometric authentication and online identity verification to complement their password security.
Supported on
  • Android


Local biometric authentication
Makes your app worth trusting in thanks to system integrity check and key verification, and supports recognition via face or fingerprint.
Online identity verification
Lets a user's face or fingerprint be their password for both new and existing account systems.

Easy to use and reliable

FIDO's Android Java APIs let you effortlessly build roaming (USB/NFC/Bluetooth) or platform (fingerprint/3D face) authenticators into your app or browser, enabling passwordless sign-in.

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Success Stories

HUAWEI Browser

FIDO makes online identity verification easier while keeping sign-ins just as secure.

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FIDO-powered HUAWEI ID allows for easier, quicker user sign-in.

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Service Scenarios

Device security check
Device security check
Device security check

Pre-verifies devices to prevent tampering of biometric authentication.

Secure login
Secure login
Secure login

Uses fingerprint or facial verification to avoid leakage, credential stuffing, and other password risks.

Secure payment
Secure payment
Secure payment

Authenticates users biometrically for in-app payments, with or without a password.

Roaming authentication
Roaming authentication
Roaming authentication

Uses a Huawei phone for FIDO2 authentication on other devices.


Safeguards authentication with system integrity check, key verification, and enhanced 3D face recognition.
Facilitates password security by using biometric features or roaming authenticators instead.
Mature solution
Offers full ecosystem specifications and applications easily integrated into existing account infrastructure.
Privacy protection
Verifies and stores user privacy data locally, instead of on the cloud.


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