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App-level functions


Customizes up to 200 achievements for players so they keep on playing with enthusiasm.

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Player statistics

Provides diversified basic user data in your app for you to focus on optimizing game experience.

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Event reporting

Customizes key game events for reports, while showing and analyzing reported events from multiple dimensions.

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Creates multiple leaderboards to rank players in different ways, stimulating competition among players to improve their engagement.

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Saved games

Saves players' game progress on Huawei Drive so your game can retrieve saved game data for returning players to continue gaming from any device.

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System-level functions

GameTurbo Engine

Optimizes performance to scenario for the best gaming experience.


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Global coverage
Covers hundreds of millions of Huawei mobile phone users in 170+ countries and regions around the world.
Simplified development
Enables you to quickly build basic game functions at a low cost.
In-depth operations
Provides in-depth local operations based on users and content.


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