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Image Kit

Scenario-specific animations and image editing empower you to produce efficient, effective content.
Supported on
  • Android
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Basic animation effects

Supports translate, rotate, scale, alpha, and frame animations and their combinations.

Advanced animation effects

Offers 9 stunning effects including particles and water ripples to bring more fun for user interaction.

Image cropping

Implements image cropping for users to resize images.


Beautifies images with 24 unique color filters for better esthetics.

Smart layout

Provides 9 smart layouts that allow flexible combination of images and texts.

Theme tagging

Tags images for easier image retrieval and discovery.


Provides the sticker and text art function for image DIY.

Service Scenarios

Offers more than 20 functions for efficient and high-quality production.

Brings lock screens, wallpapers, and themes to life.


Offers a wide array of animations that can be tailored to different scenarios.
Easy to use
Gains immediate access to 20+ distinct image processing capabilities by simply integrating the SDK.
Energy efficient
Delivers a full range of awesome effects while consuming less power, thanks to advanced rendering technologies.
Fully customizable
Uses unique stickers and text styles to add personality to images.


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