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Navi Kit

Intelligent route planning engine, precise turn-by-turn navigation, and lane-level guidance help empower your app with a navigation service that is intuitive, easy to use, and available on all mobile platforms.
Supported on
  • Android
  • Web


Extensive navigation modes
Plans driving, walking, and cycling routes intelligently with the option to avoid congested, restricted, and poor quality roads so that users can navigate to their destinations quickly, safely, and accurately.
Detailed guidance
Provides full-screen lane-level guidance and intersection zoom-in to ensure users make the right turn at complex intersections.
Timely driving reminders
Obtains road information such as speed limit, traffic cameras, traffic conditions, and traffic incidents in real time to ensure safe driving. Users can also report such information themselves to provide the system with even more up-to-date information.
Accurate road network
Monitors parallel main and auxiliary roads as well as overlapping roads, such as bridges and complex overpasses.
Realistic 3D map
Allows users to switch to a realistic 3D map view that accurately displays roads and surrounding buildings to scale.
Multilingual voice navigation
Provides multilingual voice navigation in over 40 languages to serve global users.

Service Scenarios

Plans optimal routes for users and provides real-time guidance.

Offers drivers of online ride-hailing vehicles and logistics vehicles with routes that are faster and safer.

Calculates routes for takeout delivery riders and domestic service personnel, facilitating safer and more convenient door-to-door services.

Provides navigation services to smart watches and automobiles with features equivalent to those on smartphones, freeing users' hands to do other things.


Diverse routes
Supports planning of multiple types of routes, such as driving, cycling, and walking routes.
Real-time traffic conditions
Refreshes traffic conditions in real time to recommend the quickest routes.
Precise guidance
Provides eye-catching lane-level guidance to help users make the right turn at key intersections.
Configurable voice broadcast
Provides detailed and simplified broadcast modes to meet the navigation requirements of different users.
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