Video Editor Kit

Video Editor Kit Video Editor Kit Video Editor Kit

Video Editor Kit

The one-stop toolkit provides a rich array of video processing capabilities, including video import/export, editing, rendering, and media asset management, for fast and easy development. Its open, reliable APIs allow you to create the perfect possible video to address any scenario.
Supported on
  • Android
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Multi-video/image import

Imports local videos, images, and combinations of both images and videos, and even supports importing such files after downsampling them, making it easy for adjusting the sequence and duration of video clips.

Broad-ranging editing functions

Offers formidable audio/video processing capabilities like AI-powered filters, subject animations, subject tracking, playback speed adjustment, and color adjustment, while also supporting multi-track editing, frame-by-frame editing, and draft saving.

Multi-resolution export

Exports videos in up to 4K and 60 fps, and supports previewing edits.

Extensive materials library

Offers a constantly-updating materials library, with abundant free content, for direct access to enriching content.

Media asset management

Allows you to manage materials preset in the SDK with greater ease, such as setting the locations where materials are available, and adding/deleting/sorting/searching for materials and columns.

Video templates

Provides a variety of premade templates to help users create videos suitable for use in different scenarios with ease and high efficiency.

AI-Powered Capabilities

Copies a filter used on an image that a user likes, and then applies it to their posts in just a tap, for flexible editing of video and images.

Identifies and splits areas with hair intelligently to instantly recolor the subject's hair.

Dynamically tracks a person in a video and automatically centers them within the frame in seconds.

Colors black-and-white photos/videos to bring them to life.

Detects key facial points to animate static photos with expressions, such as a smile.

Hides faces in real time to protect people's privacy.

Segments and saves a specified object in a video, which can then be used for a wide range of purposes such as video background change.

Identifies and segments video frames intelligently, allowing key video content to be extracted with a single tap.

Intelligently identifies and animates the sky and water in an image, supporting customization of the movement speed and direction.

Automatically detects faces in photos, identifies expressions, and intelligently adds natural-looking smiles to faces.

Service Scenarios

Video editing
Video editing

Allows users to craft short videos with ease, with the benefit of video clipping/stitching, special effects, and BGM.


Helps users create and share memorable travel vlogs with little effort.

Social media
Social media

Empowers users to capture and share life experiences through intriguing videos, enriched by video clipping/stitching, filters, and special effects.


Allows merchants to showcase products in greater detail through intuitive videos that feature subtitles, special effects, and BGM.


Custom UI
Allows you to customize your app UI, with the benefit of formidable open APIs.
Intelligent editing functions
Provides independent and open AI-powered capabilities for intelligent editing functions, such as moving picture, AI color, and auto-smile, which can be flexibly integrated.
Media asset management
Manages the materials built into the SDK in a highly intuitive way.
Global reach
Serves a broad community of global developers, and supports Android devices (5.0 or later).


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