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Important: AppTouch VIP Service content incentive policy released!

December 24, 2021

Dear developer,


To further protect the rights and interests of AppTouch VIP Service partners and improve VIP service user experience, AppTouch now launches the VIP service premium content incentive policy:


   ● Incentive measure: $10,000 for VIP service premium content.

   ● Selection method: The AppTouch team conducts a comprehensive evaluation based on the revenue, download number, and rating information. The AppTouch team can join the incentive plan after passing the evaluation.

   ● Effective time: 2022.1.1~2023.12.31

   ● Content scope: Globally released content

   ● The number of incentives is limited. We welcome all partners to recommend premium games and apps for VIP service.



Introduction for VIP Service: With Top-quality games and apps and provides users with games that are free to download, free of ads and zero internal purchase. Users pay for subscription periodically. In addition to the current monetization model, the VIP service can help developers share subscription revenue, helping developers quickly increase the revenue scale.


Contact us and sign up instantly:

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