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One-stop Distribution


Make your game available for pre-orders on AppGallery, and increase its exposure, while building a loyal user base, even prior to its official release.

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Early Access

Provide users with early access to your game on AppGallery, for an advance look at how well your app performs on Huawei devices, and make data-driven optimizations to craft a pristine final version.

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Open Testing

Leverage Open Testing to invite certain trusted users to test your app for feedback, which serves as an efficient reference for fixing bugs and optimizing user experience for the final released version, thus boosting user retention in the process.

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App Release

Release your app on AppGallery.

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Phased Release

Roll out a new version on a gradual basis, first releasing it to a small number of users for feedback, making corresponding improvements, before steadily expanding the scope of the release.

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Technical Support

Contact customer service for further assistance. We'll get back to you within 1 to 2 working days.

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Business Cooperation

If you want to cooperate with us on open capability access, software, joint game operations, paid app promotion, or anything else, click the link below.

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