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Analytics Kit

Provide free data analysis for a wide range of devices and platforms, so you can make informed decisions on product optimization and marketing based on your users' behavior.
Supported on
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • HarmonyOS
  • Quick App
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Cross-platform and multi-device analysis

Detects user behavior on iOS, Android, and the web, then gives you specialized, comprehensive evaluation.

Comprehensive user behavior analysis

Utilizes dozens of preset analysis models and a collection of 30+ predefined events and 500 custom events to gain in-depth insight into your users' behavior.

User lifecycle insight

Implements user layering throughout the lifecycle to identify those with high conversion potentials or churn risks, so you can better retain and convert users.

Flexible user segmentation

Creates audiences based on events and user attributes, or generates audiences from funnel and retention analysis reports with one click, so you can take a more segmented approach to marketing.

Support for data export

Exports event details using data export APIs or AppGallery Connect.

Service Scenarios

Finds out how your apps are performing against industry benchmarks, so you can identify opportunities and weaknesses.

Gains comprehensive insight into your users' behavior and identifies growth opportunities with the user analysis, funnel analysis, and behavior analysis reports.

Figures out which users continue to use your apps with retention reports, so you can target channels which provide the best quality users. You can also save retained users as an audience for further analysis.

Implements user layering throughout the entire user lifecycle and identifies those at high risk of churn, giving you the insight you need to retain and convert users.

Creates audiences based on events and user attributes or group audiences as needed, so you can take a more segmented approach to marketing.

Evaluates the effects of every change you make to your app with version analysis reports and identifies which features are most popular with audience analysis and A/B testing, so you can optimize your app accordingly.


Simplified access
Saves your time with quick and simple SDK integration. The integration can be done in just 5 minutes, and real-time online app debugging is also supported.
Intelligent analysis
Enables you to optimize your apps and refine your operations with comprehensive user behavior analysis, full-lifecycle user insight, algorithm-empowered predictions, and flexible audience segmentation.
Flexible configuration
Provides 30+ predefined events and 500 custom events, so you can use them in flexible ways to analyze your users' behavior.
Seamless integration
Pre-integrates seamlessly with Huawei Mobile Services including Push, Crash, A/B Testing, Account, In-App Purchases, and Ads.


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