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More than 100 billion app downloads

  • Broad User Base
  • 500 million+ users in 170+ countries and regions

  • Abundant Resources
  • AppGallery, AppAdvisor, Preload, and more

  • Targeted Pushing
  • Based on high-level user data

Best Practices

HUAWEI Developer is committed to building the best possible user experience by providing high-quality content and services to end users, and forging mutually beneficial collaborations with developers.

Sporting events and live stream HUAWEI Assistant cards

HUAWEI Ability Gallery works closely with sports leagues to provide fully interactive services.

Breathtaking themes produced in partnership with Xing studio

The "Midnight" theme maintained a top-five ranking for four consecutive weeks following its release. The entire series garnered over 200K total downloads in its first five months.

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